Calum Slee's Portfolio

Unity Developer / Audio Programmer

I’m an Audio Engineer by trade, predominantly in the live sound realm with 4 years of experience as a freelance tech deploying and operating both PA systems and Monitor/Stage packages. With COVID-19 limiting the amount of work I can do I have turned to transferring my skills to game development and audio for games!


The Great Fleece

A short stealth game style demo showcasing cinematography. Created using assets from GameDevHQ as part of their Professional Unity Developer Course.


Additionally, I went above and beyond the course material to fully integrate all sound assets using custom Wwise scripts to showcase my audio programming ability. An article explaining some of the concepts in depth can be found here.

2D Galaxy Space Shooter

A 2D space shooter playable on PC that is similar to classic retro arcade games like Galaga. 

V1.2 Out Now – Full game!

– Numerous new enemy types!

– Wave system

– More powerups

– Magnets!

– Final Boss!


– Thruster Functionality Added

– Different Shield Strengths

– Ammo capacity

– New Powerups and Weapons

– Additional VFX

– Additional SFX


I finished and completed the 2D Game Development Course and developed all major gaming mechanics from scratch from player movement, enemies, spawn managers, powers, speed boosts, powers, effects, menus, UI, and more by using C# and Unity3D. 

For now, the assets are placeholders, I also integrated Wwise to use as my Audio Engine, in anticipation of creating more immersive sounds in the future for this project.

The project took 4 weeks for me to complete from start to finish. Date: May, 2021

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